Caps.Az - Funny content sharing platform


Caps.Az is a funny content sharing platform where images, gif animations, YouTube videos and texts are being shared daily by users. Although anyone can view and enjoy these posts only registered users are allowed to like, comment them. Built-in powerful admin panel allows admins to customize application as well as managing content. Caps.Az has been developed using PHP 7, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. Webview based Android mobile app has been also built using Java and XML.


MeNote - note taking app for android devices

MeNote Android App

MeNote is a note taking app for Android phones and tablets with functionalities like: write, read, edit, share, delete, undo delete, delete all, set notification reminder, add colors, set different coloring modes, set language (2 languages supported: English, Azerbaijani) etc. MeNote has been written in Java and XML using Android Studio IDE. SQLite has been used as the database. Logo of app has been designed in Adobe Illustrator CC.

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Jewellery website with custom CMS written in php


Some part of design, development of back-end and admin panel of the website - a complete CMS allowing store manager to add, edit, delete items, uploading images, managing other admins etc. Programmed back-end of the website and designed some parts of the front-end to display, sort, search items. HTML, CSS, PS CS6, PHP, MySQL used.
Admin user/password: demo
Super admin user/password: demo

Run Against Gravity - Endless runner game developed by Elnur in C# with Unity

Run Against Gravity

A simple 2D endless runner game written in C# language in MonoDevelop IDE and Unity Game Engine. Multi-platform supported (iOS, Android, Windows, Web).

Play WordPress powered classifieds website intended for Azerbaijan's market is a classifieds website intended for Azerbaijan's market. It is built on Wordpress CMS on a predefined theme and help of several plugins, but that is definitely not all: Lots of changes and modifications have been made in php, html, css, js codes, as well as whole new additional codes have been written to bring to the current view and functionality.


WordPress powered website for tile installation, stone, stucco services company Milkyway Construction Services Inc. in Calgary AB.

Milkyway Construction Sevices - a WordPress website for Milkyway Construction Services Inc. - a company that provides services like tile installation, stone, stucco and masonry stucco in Calgary - a WordPress website for flooring, carpet installation company in Calgary

Angora Contracting

WordPress powered website for carpeting, flooring company Angora Contracting LTD. in Calgary AB.


Dew Drop Garden

Dew Drop Garden - a custom developed website for Dew Drop Garden. They design, make and sell handmade terrariums in Calgary. Their website developed using technologies like PHP, MYSQL, jQuery, HTML, CSS. Also custom built admin panel makes it easy to manage products and website settings etc.

Project 0

Project 0

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