Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my place. My name is Elnur. My #1 passion is coding... This is just not only the way to make money, this is the way to make myself happy. If I don't get enough chance to do good amount of coding (problem solving) at work (due to meetings, events etc.), expect me at home to find a problem, solve it and make it an app. Usually whenever I get some free time, I ask myself a question: PlayStation or Programming ?.. %90 of times i select the second. So, it is pretty natural if you receive an email from me around 3am - I am usually busy doing some coding till then.
I love discussing the latest tech trends, to explain, teach whatever i know or learned recently. Knowledge is beautiful when it is shared. I also love to learn new stuff. My philosphy/rule to start learning is "meeting twice". Basically whenever I hear/see someting new for the first time I ignore it. If I notice it for the second time, no way I can let it pass. That should be mine... I must learn it and for sure apply it whenever can be and needed. I may not update this website very frequently, sorry if you felt that, please, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile as it is usually more up-to-date. If you have something to tell me, please, do not hesitate to drop a line for me in contact page or via LinkedIn. I am more than happy to hear and meet new people as it is always fun. Thanks.

You can also click here to get my full resume.

Questions I get frequently

What is your most favorite tech stack? Azure, .NET, .NET Core, C#, JavaScript, React, SQL Server

What kind of projects do you enjoy most? Web Applications. It is awesome when one application can be accessed anywhere any time with either zero or little restrictions